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08 November 2018


wait, what month is this?  
how, when did that happen?  we haven't even had summer yet and we are weeks into fall.  oh, that's right; rain...

you know those paint night events that are very popular?  i don't paint, but i bead. sitting around the table with friends one night the phrase was coined: BeadsYOB... and another event was created.  
we supply the beads and the project, you bring a snack and/or adult beverage and let's create something.

last month in honor of 
breast cancer awareness                                     
the project was an easy flat spiral bracelet.

this month there are two projects available, 
one is wire work (beginner level)
the other is netted pearl earrings.

honestly, if you can thread a needle and count to 3, 
you can make these.

several colourways available.        


we have classes and workshops and beading events. if you are not able to attend a scheduled class or event, 
please call the shop at 717.609.7377 to see how we can accomodate your agenda.

17 October 2018

beads or paint, BeadsYOB


or what we do instead of "paint-night".

after putting together several projects in anticipation of the shop's first BeadsYOB night, it was fun waiting to see who and how many would show up.  
several hardy souls braved the chill weather to venture forthwith, some with their own project to work on, and new varieties of wine to sample from 
juniata valley winery and B&B
one friend, who likes to BUY beaded jewellery and pretty things even tried her hand at stringing and came away with a lovely little necklace.

strung on beadalon using fluorite nuggets alternated with 6/0 seed beads in a turquoise lined translucent yellow. to add a little pop of texture she added the frosted glass and asymmetrical frames. finishing with a sterling silver magnetic clasp for ease of wear.
there are still kits available for the 2 projects pictured at the top. call or stop in.

04 September 2018

bead projects, one at a time or multiples?

how many bead/craft/art projects do you have started at one time?

everything depends...
what gets accomplished in a morning, depends. depends on how long or short a pooch walk we enjoy. depends on if the laundry i started yesterday needs to be hung outside.
or do i need to wash plastic-ware before i make lunch?

projects are the same.

whether i have 1 project i work on until i finish it versus working on 3-5 simultaneously, depends.
if i have several items to repair those would take precedent over wanting to try a new pattern.
i usually have one long project and one or two quick/short projects going. the short ones might be a repair or an interesting pattern someone showed me, or an a-ha moment where i think i figured out something to finish an idea.

right now on my bead board i have 3 projects in various states of completion. one is called peyote with a twist that is almost long enough for a bracelet... or do i want it as a necklace? (see?) the second is a half tila bracelet for which i am awaiting the clasp to arrive. a third is a repair of my own handiwork that i keep putting off repairing; which reminds me of:

once upon a time i heard the phrase "positive procrastination". there are times when i employ that method. like: you know you need to call aunt-uncle-coworker-friend and tell yourself: "ok, i call after i..." then you rearrange the linen closest, organize this shelf, detail the keyboard. (what is that sticky spot on the W?) you put off something unpleasant or you just don't want to do with a non-task that no-one would notice whether it was changed/fixed or not.

i visited a local bead group last weekend and learned a new stitch. i did not quite get it done there, so when i got home i finished the bracelet instead of the menial tasks i SHOULD do.
however, i did get this blog written BEFORE working this new pattern in another colour palette. there's hope for me!

29 June 2018

wire work 101

this has been a great week!  (isn't is wonderful to be optimistic?)
the weather has been "cooperative" with only a little rain; and the thunderstorm was magnificent!

in the local beading world, much fun was had as well. we had several people trying their hand at a new technique and walking away with, not only a new skill, but a beautiful bracelet to show for their hard efforts.

one new enthusiast brought her granddaughter in who is 10 and picked up the technique fairly quickly. the iridescent leaf works well with the frosted iridescent beads and copper wire.

the sparkle of the blue iridescent compliment the frosted pale green trade beads to give a beachy feel to this bracelet.

the monochromatic scheme of this bracelet will go with just about anything.

tools, beads, mats, all here; 
all you need is your imagination to create a new expression of YOU!  (if you have beads you want to incorporate into a design, but... bring them, sometimes different surroundings will spark an idea.)
don't let the day or time of a workshop hinder you, call!  we can work around your schedule.

23 June 2018

summer saturdays in carlisle

Where ever you live, there are seasonal events that remind you it is now summer.
Carlisle, PA is one such town.
                    this weekend is Chevy Nationals.

the monte carlo reminds me of my high school years. my cool cousin drove one and once i got my driver's license i got to drive this beast on occasion.

if you prefer to give car show traffic a wide berth on these weekends,
and want somewhere to go, avoid the traffic, skip downtown;
 we are right off I-81S  ex 49, (or ex48 from the northbound side) come visit and bring a project.

sometimes a project will pop into my head, fully formed, all i have to do is execute it. 
other times i find a strand of something or open a box of findings i forgot i had.  
viola, a new project.

this is the project du jour:

how do YOU utilize a strand of beads that are not quite long enough?  how often do you put it back, forgetting about it to find it again months or years later?
some of those may slowly get incorporated into a variety of other projects, a few beads here and there to add a pop of colour or texture.  

or add enough of something else to create a new piece:

29 May 2018

the new normal

every day is a new day,
 untried, unexplored for each of us.  
  every change creates a new you and therefore a new normal. 
 what was yesterday does not always apply today.  
what is your new normal?
my new normal is showing up and being present in each moment. it also gives me the opportunity to meet new people every day in a new space,
which just happens to be a cute, boutique-style, bead store and jewellery emporium.


TUES - FRI 10-6ish
SAT 10-2ish

call for more information, or call with questions or querries:

this week, 
come in and find the dancing bear. 
take a guess on how many beads are in the bowl.

 correct guess wins a tube of beads!

the weather is perfect for all kinds of activities, indoors or out.  if you are indoors today, start a new project...

              there are beads in a plethora of colours and shades to compliment nature...

as well as accent beads in a variety of materials, colours, and textures.

come on over and see what's new. 

15 May 2018

day one of infinite days ahead.

so thankful that spring has sprung.  
today is a beautiful, warm, spring day to open a new business!

a beautiful arrangement from a friend!

 seed beads in a variety of sizes.

a plethora of pewter beads, focals, and spacers.

also carrying hand-knit items by a local artisan. 
*baby blankets

*scarves and
*socks too.

all are machine wash and dryable!

come in this week and pick a FREE bead with any purchase!