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04 September 2018

bead projects, one at a time or multiples?

how many bead/craft/art projects do you have started at one time?

everything depends...
what gets accomplished in a morning, depends. depends on how long or short a pooch walk we enjoy. depends on if the laundry i started yesterday needs to be hung outside.
or do i need to wash plastic-ware before i make lunch?

projects are the same.

whether i have 1 project i work on until i finish it versus working on 3-5 simultaneously, depends.
if i have several items to repair those would take precedent over wanting to try a new pattern.
i usually have one long project and one or two quick/short projects going. the short ones might be a repair or an interesting pattern someone showed me, or an a-ha moment where i think i figured out something to finish an idea.

right now on my bead board i have 3 projects in various states of completion. one is called peyote with a twist that is almost long enough for a bracelet... or do i want it as a necklace? (see?) the second is a half tila bracelet for which i am awaiting the clasp to arrive. a third is a repair of my own handiwork that i keep putting off repairing; which reminds me of:

once upon a time i heard the phrase "positive procrastination". there are times when i employ that method. like: you know you need to call aunt-uncle-coworker-friend and tell yourself: "ok, i call after i..." then you rearrange the linen closest, organize this shelf, detail the keyboard. (what is that sticky spot on the W?) you put off something unpleasant or you just don't want to do with a non-task that no-one would notice whether it was changed/fixed or not.

i visited a local bead group last weekend and learned a new stitch. i did not quite get it done there, so when i got home i finished the bracelet instead of the menial tasks i SHOULD do.
however, i did get this blog written BEFORE working this new pattern in another colour palette. there's hope for me!

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