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23 August 2019

new dayz ahead

greetings from the land of beads.  
summer has been a magnificent adventure; on the other hand: if you're not having fun you're doing something wrong.

not long ago, while putting out new inventory, i noticed a theme:

i find the colour choice interesting because i was beginning to think about what avenue i might explore for CALC's upcoming member show.  this year the colour is: true blue.
"they" say opposites attract.  there may have to be a random orange bead in my project somewhere.  <snicker>

spiral stitch was on my least liked list for a long time because all the ones that looked really cool; you had to add one. bead. at. a. time.  so a 3" section took 8 hours (or at least if felt that way).  joining a bead group has helped with that.  we have done several projects that involved a spiral stitch and i have watched these beads be transformed into a finished piece!  yay me

recently a customer came in needing assistance with a russian spiral stitch. this was another example of an easy spiral that produced tangible results fairly quickly.  by adding 3 beads at a time you get inches done before you realize it. 

so i decided to make a necklace instead of a bracelet. i added a peyote toggle and there you have it; a finished piece! 

what are you working on this summer?  
do you have multiple projects in a variety of stitches or techniques?
i seem to go in phases. one week wire projects, the next ear rings. then i might get an idea on a different colour palette for a stitched project i have already done and try it out.

like this:           
these three samples are the same stitch, half tila herringbone by CristalPan; changing the pattern slightly by moving what colour goes where and you get 3 different bracelets.  i added a button or large bead cap as the clasp.
on one of these bracelets there is something different; guess correctly and get 10% off your next in-store purchase!

happy beading!


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    1. i "kinda" put that in the description ;) if you tap on the image you can see the patterns better...

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