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08 November 2018


wait, what month is this?  
how, when did that happen?  we haven't even had summer yet and we are weeks into fall.  oh, that's right; rain...

you know those paint night events that are very popular?  i don't paint, but i bead. sitting around the table with friends one night the phrase was coined: BeadsYOB... and another event was created.  
we supply the beads and the project, you bring a snack and/or adult beverage and let's create something.

last month in honor of 
breast cancer awareness                                     
the project was an easy flat spiral bracelet.

this month there are two projects available, 
one is wire work (beginner level)
the other is netted pearl earrings.

honestly, if you can thread a needle and count to 3, 
you can make these.

several colourways available.        


we have classes and workshops and beading events. if you are not able to attend a scheduled class or event, 
please call the shop at 717.609.7377 to see how we can accomodate your agenda.

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