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29 June 2018

wire work 101

this has been a great week!  (isn't is wonderful to be optimistic?)
the weather has been "cooperative" with only a little rain; and the thunderstorm was magnificent!

in the local beading world, much fun was had as well. we had several people trying their hand at a new technique and walking away with, not only a new skill, but a beautiful bracelet to show for their hard efforts.

one new enthusiast brought her granddaughter in who is 10 and picked up the technique fairly quickly. the iridescent leaf works well with the frosted iridescent beads and copper wire.

the sparkle of the blue iridescent compliment the frosted pale green trade beads to give a beachy feel to this bracelet.

the monochromatic scheme of this bracelet will go with just about anything.

tools, beads, mats, all here; 
all you need is your imagination to create a new expression of YOU!  (if you have beads you want to incorporate into a design, but... bring them, sometimes different surroundings will spark an idea.)
don't let the day or time of a workshop hinder you, call!  we can work around your schedule.

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