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23 June 2018

summer saturdays in carlisle

Where ever you live, there are seasonal events that remind you it is now summer.
Carlisle, PA is one such town.
                    this weekend is Chevy Nationals.

the monte carlo reminds me of my high school years. my cool cousin drove one and once i got my driver's license i got to drive this beast on occasion.

if you prefer to give car show traffic a wide berth on these weekends,
and want somewhere to go, avoid the traffic, skip downtown;
 we are right off I-81S  ex 49, (or ex48 from the northbound side) come visit and bring a project.

sometimes a project will pop into my head, fully formed, all i have to do is execute it. 
other times i find a strand of something or open a box of findings i forgot i had.  
viola, a new project.

this is the project du jour:

how do YOU utilize a strand of beads that are not quite long enough?  how often do you put it back, forgetting about it to find it again months or years later?
some of those may slowly get incorporated into a variety of other projects, a few beads here and there to add a pop of colour or texture.  

or add enough of something else to create a new piece:

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