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29 May 2018

the new normal

every day is a new day,
 untried, unexplored for each of us.  
  every change creates a new you and therefore a new normal. 
 what was yesterday does not always apply today.  
what is your new normal?
my new normal is showing up and being present in each moment. it also gives me the opportunity to meet new people every day in a new space,
which just happens to be a cute, boutique-style, bead store and jewellery emporium.


TUES - FRI 10-6ish
SAT 10-2ish

call for more information, or call with questions or querries:

this week, 
come in and find the dancing bear. 
take a guess on how many beads are in the bowl.

 correct guess wins a tube of beads!

the weather is perfect for all kinds of activities, indoors or out.  if you are indoors today, start a new project...

              there are beads in a plethora of colours and shades to compliment nature...

as well as accent beads in a variety of materials, colours, and textures.

come on over and see what's new. 

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